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Sunday, 14 October 2007

A Busy week

It seems a long time since I updated but we have a really good excuse.
We had a visit here in Dubai from some very old that is not that they are old..just that we worked out we have been friends for 31yrs.
Geoff and Yvonne are from Shrewsbury in Shropshire UK ( originally from Birmingham and not lost the accent either) Yvonne is a sun worshipper so where else could she go...but visit us here in the Middle East, where we could almost 100% guarantee her sunshine, and we did. It even became to hot and she had to retreat inside, now where has she been before that that has happend.

We had a great time showing them the "building site" Dubai really is, plus also the fabulous buildings the like of never seen before, including the tallest building in the world, standing at 157 floors. We ate at some of the best Hotels and local cafes. The only down fall if there was one was it has been Ramadan while they were here, which meant no eating and drinking during the day out of the home....but on the other hand think of the hundreds of Dirhams and inches on the hips saved, not buying all the coffee and yummy cakes in all the millions of coffee shops here.
They got to swim in the Gulf and attend a Hash House Harriers run, plus a birthday party of a hasher that they did not know...but there that is Dubai for you. They took a Abra ride across the creek and a BIG BUS tour of the city, plus every thing else we could cram into 8 days.

We even orderd an immense sand storm just to show the other side of the Middle East.

So today we packed them off to the airport to catch an Emirates flight back to Birminham, we hope with fond memories of their trip to Dubai. So just as a reminder here is the ceiling of the Persian court of Ibn Buttuta Mall. Also the Elephant from the Indain Court.

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yvonne said...

What a great week, we saw it all and agree Dubai is a huge building site. But worth the experience to see all sides from very poor to very rich. And it ws a very special time for us seeing you both again. Cant wait for next visit who knows where.