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Thursday, 4 October 2007

One positions goes and another comes in it's place

This morning was committee meeting for Dubai Quilters Guild.
I was pleased to report that BOM went well and that there was just 4 kits left and I know of at least one person who wants one when she returns to Dubai in a couple of weeks...
So my job is almost complete just a case of hand out the monthly instructions until February, which really can be done by anybody.
So I sat back and listened to everyone'ss reports, resting on my laurels...then wham!! a wake up call.
The Dubai Quilt show came up on the agenda which is held in May 2008, and before I could say yeah! or nay! I seemed to have the job as Show Team Leader /coordinator. So another big learning curve coming up... But at least it keeps me off the streets, keeps my mind active and holds the Alzheimer at bay. So if you have any knowledge of setting up shows and exhibitions
please get in touch with me......
This picture has nothing to do with Dubai, it is Rainbow Quilters Rotorua NZ handing over the children's quilts made for the Children's ward of Rotorua Hospital last year.
I had a hand in making various blocks included in some of these quilts.


boysmum2 said...

That will be fun. Organising thr show, what fun.
Like the new design, so nice and clear.

Grandad said...

I have done a few shows but never sewing!! Love XX