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Saturday, 3 November 2007

November Already News update.

It is November already and the weather has cooled so much, in fact today there was no sunshine it was very cloudy and quite cool...the tiled floors were cold to our feet and Eric even put on a pair of slippers.
To all those who have given us Margarita recipes we have finally found the correct mix.
We had to buy a new liquidiser a strong glass one to crush the ice, and of course the correct glasses to drink from. I am sure we could have had them for weeks at a hotel for what it has cost us to have half a dozen at home so far.

Not long now and we wing our way to New Zealand ( again) for Kerry and Daniel's wedding, Eric will do almost a "U Turn" and come back here after 4 days and I will stay to bug the life out of people till after Christmas. I am looking forward to a nomadic life in the camper van for a few weeks and may be to take the older grand kids with me at weekends, albeit one at a time.

Will see Eric back again, to have all our family in one house for the "big Do" and Santa's visit.

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Grandad said...

I can build the pool if you grow the Acers. Love xx