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Thursday, 8 November 2007

Time for a Hair Cut or my frayed nerves

Now a hair cut or trim is not a major thing where you live, but here in Dubai for a Expat woman it is traumatic.
Finding a hairdresser who can speak English is the first hurdle, when you have convinced yourself that you have achieved that, you go on to the actual sitting in the chair....then the real trauma hair is in a bob it is straight and grey and I would like to keep it like this but all hairdressers seem to think they know better... after a shampoo where she tries to convince you that a colour would be good and why would you want your hair natural colour.
No one has natural colour hair now, this is very old fashioned, she has now written you off as a waste of time, you are not going to spend enough money in her salon. So back to the chair.

Questions begin ..

Me....have you cut straight hair before..
Girl....Yes! madam mine
Girl..No madam

At this point you want to get out of the chair ASAP, but you are tied in with the flumptious gown and heavy weight shoulder cutting mat and dripping hair. So you think okay we will talk our way through this.

Me....Please do as I say
Girl... Of course Madam
Me ... I want you to cut it same shape as now but taking off only 1/2" inch just a trim not a restyle.
Girl... Of course Madam you will have a good cut and look beautiful.

Now you know she has not been listening or understood what you have said and you now realise her English is just the pleasantries, and her sales talk at the hair wash station was learnt parrot fashion, because that is what her boss has taught her to say.
She Picks up her scissors and begins to part the hair, it is like a horror film.
I always come away with shattered nerves and a near disaster of a haircut and not quite but almost near to tears.
Now I have had 5 haircuts here each has been as good if not better a disaster than the last.

Now resulting from all this trauma, the good side of this story is Eric is becoming a great hand at trimming off the long ends straightening the back pointing out bad areas and generally soothing my frayed nerves when I get back.
So I think he will re-train in Rotorua as a Ladies hairdresser so get in line and make an appointment.

Sorry no photo of my disasters but here is a really cute one of Ben having his hair cut and there is no trauma in sight and the barber is definitely cuter than the girl who cut my hair yesterday.

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