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Thursday, 24 January 2008

A Day Doing what you like best

Yesterday I spent the day at a course doing what I enjoy best, sewing and quilting.

It was a good day lots of good company and laughing, but a lot was also learnt.

A very lovely Dutch lady Linda showed a quilt hanging in last years Dubai Quilters Show, which I fell in love with instantly, she promised me the pattern which she explained was loads of years old, which she took from a magazine.So many ladies showed interest in the hanging she decided to do it as a class.
It is done in "watercolour style" this is when the colours are arranged for their value not the fabric pattern, took a couple of hours to learn this technique but it finally came home in my brain and from then it was fairly simple.

I have finished the centre blocks so bulk of the quilt is done, hopefully rest will not take long.

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Unknown said...

It looks good!
I've dug out some patchwork I started before I left college.....Its amazing what you get up to when you finally retire. But it has to be fitted in between the sewing, knitting, bobbin lace etc. I'm having fun.....
love Ros