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Sunday, 17 February 2008

Camping weekend

Camping in Hatta with Desert Hash House Harriers
Today we came back from 3 glorious days on a farm.

The Hash went on it's away weekend to "Little Mo's" farm in Hatta about 2 hours from Dubai.

"Little Mo" or Mohammed Saifan to give him his real handle is a local Emirati.

He bought this farm about 10acres in late 1970's it is completely walled in, it does not actually grow anything that would make him a living, so he runs a construction company on the side which contributes to him being a very rich man indeed.

Although he grows dates which I would guess he sells , he also has a few mangos, there are turkeys and chickens, goats and rabbits, a Peacock and a few other animals which they do not eat as they are pets.
The place is worked by immigrant workers of which we saw 4 over the weekend, bet they thought they had died and gone to heaven, what a cushy job they have, accommodation and all found plus the house staff.

So the farm is a family country house with swimming pool and room for at least 10 guests in various buildings.

A lot of the land is terraced so camping was easy, 70 people in all went and 9 of these were children.
The main reason for the actual date we went was it was Little Mo's 1,000th run with the Desert Hash, that is the equivilent of 20 yrs of hashing every week with out fail, although it took him

25yrs to accomplish it.

Happy campers ......
The garage which served as the dining room could hold at least eight cars.
This picture was taken at 7.30am so only a few early risers.

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