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Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Update from us

Well ! life is great but we returned from the camping weekend and both went down with the Flu-like symptoms raging through the are really out of fashion if you have not had it, so for once in our lives we are up there with everyone else.

Eric has finally been accepted as a resident, but my visa will not be issued until his has finalised which means I still have to take a trip to Bahrain for a couple of days on what we call here
" A Visa Run" but that is okay, as I will get to visit with the lovely ladies I met there, while living there albeit a short while.

We have here cheap airfares around the gulf, just like other places in the we booked a flight for me on Jazeera Airways ( off shoot of Kuwait Air ) 69 dhs each bill 479 dhs.
The taxes were more than the flight, so on 4th March I am off on a jolly by myself to Bahrain.

Helen, a friend from Jordan days and now living back in UK is arriving on Friday for a weeks Break and some sunshine, we have the sun, but it is sand storm season and one is forcast for today Wednesday lets hope it clears before she arrives.
We have also booked to go to the " Welsh Ball" ...I know we are not Welsh ...but it is a good night out, so have to look for a leek and some red jewellery to brighten up the black outfit.
Eric even bought a new dinner suit so he will wear a red bow tie,
I have been looking for some fabric with dragons on it but nothing so far, if I found any I would have made him a bow tie.
I am hoping to find a baby leek so I can make a corsage with it for to get into the spirt of the evening.

Hopefully some photo's after the event

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