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Saturday, 29 March 2008

Quiz night

The Dubai Country Club has lost it's premises in fact they
have been demolished....that is another story.
To try and keep their members interested until they rebuild
they have social functions at different places.
They ran a quiz night at the Dubai Off Shore Sailing Club, so we went along with Eve and Malcolm and Tika and Phil.
2 sets of golden oldies and a young couple, we thought this should help our chances !!

The first questions were on "Pop music " if we had been on our own we could not have answered one question of 10, but God Bless Phil he was almost on the ball and Eve was there with the 70's and 80's pop. so we managed 4 out of 10

Then came general knowledge...yipee.... we did better here 14 and 18 on 2 rounds of 20 questions, so we did not do to bad after all. And could leave with our heads up.

Here we all are, not the best of pictures but it was outside and late.

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