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Thursday, 3 April 2008

A Wedding

There is to be a wedding in our family.

Kathryn and Steve will get married on 20th September 2008.

Now being in Dubai obviously causes a few hic ups..and throws spanners in the works.
Firstly I would have given any thing to be with Kathryn to help choose her dress, instead of her being in tears there and us bubbling here.
It would be great to help with the big stuff and fiddleing stuff that goes with a do like this...
she her blog site.

But as things are, it is not possible. Flitting to New Zealand for a day here and there is unpractical and impossible to say the least. So we all have to send lots of messages and lots of photo's, but email and text and phone is instant ....... so help ....  remember is just a push of a button away.
Love Mum and Dad

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