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Monday, 7 April 2008


Yeah!! another one has just happened that makes 64 in all, I think the time has come to either forget them or celebrate them to the full.
So how do you feel at 64...well! no different than when I here I would like to say 21, but that is not so, in reality may be 38 -40 or 45.
There are things that tell me this...... like not being able to run for a bus.......that's a daft saying I have not had the possible chance to run for a bus for at least 30 years, so how would I know I can't run for one.   So may be I need to say what I can still do and be positive.
I can still jump a fence, I did this just a few weeks ago at a maraton Eric was running in.
I can still touch my toes.
I can swim and dance in fact "jive" when the music is right, we did this just a while ago at a 40th birthday party we went to.
I can still ride my bike.....when in NZ
I can still stand on my head ......I tried it just now.
I did a 3 1/2 kilometer charity walk just the other evening in 30 mins when the temperatures were very hot.....not bad for an "oldun"
I can walk the shopping malls for hours.

I still can cook and clean.....when necessary "God bless Enoke" who comes in here and "Does for us"
I do my own laundry....again "God Bless Enoke" who does the ironing

I still get on planes and spend copious amounts of hours sitting, and don't feel to bad at the end of the journey.....jet lag is taking a bit longer to get over.....must admit that one.
I can spend hours and hours sewing......Embroidery and Quilting, this is such an age crossing thing we have ladies from teens to eighties doing this..... so here I am a young chicken to some of the members of our guild.
So what do you look like when you are 64, mainly I look like Eric's wife, Kathryn and Iain's Mum. Ellis, Ben, Harvey and Alex's Grandma.

I am over weight, very white/grey of hair, suffer with arthritis in my hands and am allergic to Shrimp or Prawns, I have to be careful what I eat late at night the main one being Garlic.....I have been asked to be President of Inner Wheel again and I also am Vice President of Dubai Quilters Guild, So there is still life in the "old Gal yet"
But most of all I feel quite contented with life.
I am also very thankful for all of the above.
 So let the Birthdays come.

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