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Saturday, 8 March 2008

This week in Dubai, Riyadh and Bahrain

This week we have been travelling.....

Eric to Riyadh in Saudi for a few days working and myself to Bahrain on what we call a "Visa Run"

This means when you enter Dubai they give you 60 days to stay .... if you do not have a residence visa you have to leave and come back in again. I had been in the allotted time so had to leave .... Bahrian was the ideal place to go......was great to go and stay with a couple of girls I made friends with during our time there.


Verna and Jody, it was both their birthdays while I was there and we seemed to eat copious amounts of birthday cake, we went along to the American Womens Assoc. craft group , which I also attended back in my time there, met up with the ladies nice to hear all their news. I left a few ideas for crafts for them to do, ready for their April Craft Fair.


There is no Quilting group in Bahrain and two of the girls Valerie and Judy are starting one which gets off the ground this coming Sunday morning with eight new quilters... Good luck ladies you will enjoy it.

Jody lives in a complex that is so cute, now you say how can "Cute"be a word to discrible a complex, well the central swimming pool area and surroundings look like Disney Land all the area is covered in cute ducks and animals with water spouting mushrooms, I am not sure this photo shows every thing as it was but nice picture anyway.

Eric had a good time in Riyadh, drinking coffee of course as no beer etc allowed. Although he was taken to a club where ladies are free to dress as they wish and mix with other men, he found this quite amazing of course.
Now we are both home and it is very pleasant at this time in Dubai 25 / 30 degrees by day and cools off by night time which is nice for sleeping with no AC having to be on.
Today we are on a Beer Run.... we have to drive to a place 3/4 hour from here to buy 20 cases of beer for the Hash, an odd thing to do you may say, but it is so much cheaper at "Baracuda" where we have to go, than here in Dubai.


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