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Thursday, 13 March 2008

When will they learn

Yesterday Abu Dhabi / Dubai saw the worst multi- car accident in their history

Abu Dhabi is an hour away from Dubai so many people work in one Emirate but live in another so need to travel each day along the motorway.

It was on the motor way between Abu Dhabi and Dubai heading towards Dubai.

120 cars in one pile up, 17 dead and 76 people seriously injured countless others injured and the death toll is expected to rise over the next few hours.
All caused by 2 speeding cars in fog so thick there was almost nil visibility.

To top it all, as well, in the opposite direction another 20 car pile up happened also caused by speed.

When will they learn that a car is not a camel and it will not go around things if it comes to an obstacle.
Speed kills, seems to be a misnomer here, it will not happen to me, seems to be the attitude of the young Arab drivers.
It is nothing for these people to have thousands of dollars outstanding in speeding fines...why won't the authorities wake up and see what is going on.

The driving schools here are run by a leading family and students are taught by people of the same mind as the ones they are teaching, I am not infallible, or indestructible seems to be what they learn.
We see the instructors driving their cars around the city and they drive in the same way, so what does this teach the young drivers
A person or two dies every day here in Dubai in a car smash or more if a bus is involved also countless serious injuries occur daily in bangs between cars...the road toll is so great that garages and bodyshops have 6 months of cars waiting for thing I will not miss when we return to New Zealand is the road carnage here.
This also made the world new this morning so may be you have already seen the pictures where you live.

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