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Tuesday, 29 April 2008

1st Aid in the Desert

Now, this chap in the photo is Steve.

Sunday evening saw us running on Hash in the Desert. On the
St Georges Day and ANZAC Day Run............ Eric with another couple of chaps set the run out in the desert.
A good crowd of 55 males and females started running and walking.

Towards the end of the run Eric came back to the start area at a rate of knots shouting for me, seems one of the chaps, Steve by name, was having a Hypo( Diabetic) at the base of a very large sand dune. So after shouting for some chocolate and some coke off I shot, at the base of the dune Steve was sat very not with it, Eric made it to him while I took a tumble down the dune landing on my back, after getting up we administered the coke and chocolate and Steve became more compus mentus, thank goodness.
A 4 x4 managed to get to us and we were lifted back to the start. After some more food and drink Steve was back with us....the evening continued and we had a curry there in the desert bought from an Indian Cafateria, a good evening in the end.

I have now decided we need a 1st Aid Kit and a hypo box not just for the Diabetics but for heat exhaustion as well, So each time we head out away from Dubai, we will have our own, hash box.

I realise all the cars probably have one but at least we will know what is in the hash one.

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