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Saturday, 26 April 2008

This week in Dubai

So what has happened here in Dubai during the last 10 days or so, just like being at home anywhere not a lot.

Dubai is just about as exciting as your home town, on a day to day basis.

Eric has spent time reading on the balcony.
I suppose I could talk about the Laundry and Cleaning I have done because the hired help has been back to Sri Lanka to arrange her wedding......Boring you will say.

I have managed a fair bit of embroidery and Quilting.

I did spend a morning chopping up and folding fabric into fat quarters with 5 other ladies, as each member of the Quilters Guild will get a bundle of 6 fat quarters on Sunday 27th at our AGM, as an end of year gift. By the way there are 80 members so a lot of fabric to cut and fold.
For the uninitiated a fat Quarter is a yard of fabric that has been cut into quarters from selvage edge to centre and along centre fold, thus giving you 4 pieces......there bet that is as clear as mud. Also arn't you glad I mentioned it.

One evening we went out to dinner with a very nice couple Cecile ( Belgian ) and Mighet ( who is arab of some denomination) who Cecile met in Israel many years ago.

We went to a Thai Resturant called Blue Elephant, this is the best Thai food we have ever tasted and go there frequently, the setting and atmostphere is wonderful, so relaxing.
Blue Elephant restruants are all over the world and have got to be the best, if you visit us here in Dubai a visit to Blue Elephant is on the 2$ tour.

We also went to Phil and Tika's for a swim in the pool and a BBQ in their garden albeit 10ft x 12ft, amazing how many hasher's you can sit in a small space, the food flowed and everyone was fully stuffed by the time we left.

We ran on Hash on Sunday evenings, most uneventful.

But Eric did a Pub/Bar crawl with Hash last Thursday evening when 50 Hashers went from bar to bar for a drink all wearing a teeshirts printed for the occassion, they started at 6.30pm on a coach where they had Swarma Sandwiches ( wrap style) and Samosas to fill the tummy before the onslaught of beer. I believe it was about 12.30am when he arrived home again....I say believe because I was asleep, but seems it was a good night.

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boysmum2 said...

Thai restaurant is spelt "THAI" not "TAI"