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Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Fabrics Dubai and UAE

Fabric s for some reason are just "dirt" cheap her in Dubai and UAE...
Makes a change every thing else is getting very back to the fabrics
A few ladies from the Dubai Quilters Guild decided to take a trip to Abu Dhabi to a very large fabric shop in fact know as
Cairo Fabric Exhibition, the reason for the name is a bit of misnomer as you can not buy fabrics in Cairo, this info comes from Jenny Bowker re known Australian teacher of Quilting and Textiles living in Cairo who spends time and copious amounts of dollars on fabric when she comes to Dubai... Back to the story and stop digressing you say..
So Abu Dhabi is one and half hours drive from here so 5 to a car we set off and spend an hour or so in the Cairo Fabrics almost buying up the shop, the picture is just a small selection of my stash, and it is 3 piles deep..... unable to seen on photo.
The fabric is all from USA and Japan and Korea of all places, big names and brands of fabric, now the sad part for all you ladies that quilt
It costs between 2$ and 6$...that's NZ dollars a yard. "Why oh why" ? does it cost so much else where in the world who is ripping off who I ask
In NZ we pay from $16 to $35a meter, in UK they pay 11 to 20 GB pounds a yard, in USA 15 to 25 dollars a yard.
So you can imagine my stash is growing very fast already to be shipped to NZ when we justify why I spend so much on fabric...think of the money I will save in the future when we are back in NZ. I will have enough fabric to quilt for may be a good few years and never have to go near a fabric you believe that you would believe anything .
So it is almost worth a holiday in Dubai just to stock up on the fabrics

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boysmum2 said...

Think you could check out fabrics for wedding dresses?
Need samples of Ivory Satin to find a material for my dress.