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Monday, 5 May 2008

Dentist in Dubai

We have been away from NZ for approx 20 months, and have talked about seeing the dentist for may be 8 months now..., so it was time to check them out here.
We are both very good at attending the dentist and go every 6 month to a year with out fail.
While we were in China Eric had a crown fitted by the health service there, fantastic service and cost about 75 cents to see the dentist and a few dollars for the actual crown.
So by recommendation we went along to the British Dental Clinic, there found a really lovely dentist Joy Afif from London, she trained in Leeds in UK and can't be more than late twenties early thirties, lovely to look at so Eric say's, to me she is just a nice young lady, I must admit a darling, she tells you every thing as she is doing it, with a pleasant smile in her voice. Eric said she beat any dentist he has ever been to see in the past.
Eric got away with a scale and polish this time, but me I had to have a crown replaced...thank goodness for the dental insurance...It was a little more then the Chinese one Eric had fitted.
But a good experience, shame we can't export her to NZ she would go down a treat, her appointment book would be full.

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