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Monday, 5 May 2008

One for the record

This is my car a 4x4 Ford
We got a 4 x 4 so as we could go into the desert and not get stuck in the sand, which it has proved it's self over and over again, we rarely get bogged down in soft sand.

Eric had just bragged about not getting stuck in the Ford, how nimble it was and how it was nice and light and floated over the sand to all the fella's at Hash on Sunday evening and then shot up a 10ft sand dune with grace and ease to land at the top on the only piece of scrap concrete for miles around.
I was late at hash and was presented with a very large piece of black plastic from the front of my car in the Hash Circle. Which seems to have disappeared and so I have lost it, hope it was not vital.
Plus this photo has now been published on the Hash web page.

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