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Monday, 21 July 2008

My Kuwait Bag

While in Kuwait I also met a sewing friend of Kathi's, Sara who came with us to the fabric souq and I noticed they had the same bag, which on questioning turned out to be a class that they had taken at their Guild....

So home I came with the pattern and fabric purchased at the Fabric Souq.

Saturday was a quiet day no particular chores or shopping to do, Eric is off on Saturdays, so he spent a relaxing afternoon and evening watching a police TV series, "Life on Mars " lent to us by a friend. If you have not seen it or get a chance watch it, it's worth watching.
I started the bag.
It has side straps that can be released to make bag larger and a whole line of pockets around the inside for all the necessary bits one has to carry on a day to day basis. The sides are quilted lightly and it has a nice hard base to stop it falling off the front seat of the car when you brake. You can adjust the depth by increasing the top fabric, so I did just that and made the deeper one, the shallower one is more like a hand bag ( may have a go at that one later)

Things went well and "voile" ( bet you are mpressed by the French)
by 8pm in the evening I had a bag.
It still needs a little trimming on the outside and a large toggle or button to close but they will come when I get to the notion shop this week.

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Ali Honey said...

Hi Laurie , How lovely to have you pop by my blog and leave a comment and introduce yourself.

At the weekend I will come back to your blog and do some more reading. It sounds like a very different place to live. Love the photo of the tall buildings peeping above the clouds!

Best Wishes from the BOP.