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Friday, 25 July 2008

Summer Quilting and UFO's

Dubai must be the hottest place on earth to spend a summer.
Because of Kathryn's wedding we are here till September this year before we head out for a vacation.

So most of my time is spent inside. I have vowed to finish UFO"s before I start anything you have heard that before and not just here.
I have done a few so far,
A piece of stumpwork embroidery
and had it framed not a good picture as it has reflecting glass and the flash shoots back at me.

and also a little something for Kathryn's new kitchen, of course can't say here as she has not seen it yet.

A Heart Quilt, this picture gives you the gist of it, but it may be slightly different as I am making it up as I go along.......yeah! daft I know...... am still playing with it
It will have shashings between the rows you see any how.
It is done in Japanese fabrics with the hearts embroidered in a crushed pink which blends with the fabrics, I am also playing with the idea of some Sashiko stitchery on it.
Watch this space who can tell what will happen.


Of course I have done my "Kuwait Bag" and so far 4 people have the pattern so may well be a "Dubai Bag" before not so long.
I am also going to do it again making it slightly smaller this time.

I have various other UFO's that I will not mention but will post the finished items as I manage to finish them I know of another three that I would like to finish and there has got to be 3 or 4 more hanging around.
The other " I have nothing to do " thing some folks have started doing is cataloging their fabrics now this I can see would be useful.
I must tell you about a friend here who was so bored one weekend when her husband was travelling, that she photographed all her shoes printed a copy and stuck it on the box........ so she does not have to open each one to see what is in the box....may be not so daft after all !!!!

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