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Friday, 29 August 2008

How life changes .. Going home

Well who could have said that yesterday would make such an impact on our life ...
There we were doing what we always do on a Thursday .. Me trying to renew my driving licience ( another story) and Eric working at home doing computer stuff .... Then comes the email to say "Going Home End September"
Well it has happened, we leave in September, not what we expected but September, October or December all the same really, as most folks knew we were going by the end of the year anyhow, so bit of a shock ... but work wise with Ramadam when nothing happens in the Middle East for a month it is the best time for the company which is the deciding factor in all of this of course.

Me I don't really mind it is about time I got back to the family and watch those grand kids grow, they need my in put and influence, when I remember my grandma she was a great influence in my life, I learnt so much from her so I have to go and help mould mine.

I hope the boy's will like quilting, they will like using the machine I expect and we may have another Rikki Timms ( an American male quilter ) in my family who can tell.
It will be Spring in NZ and my favorite time of year so no cold weather to contend with to fast not that it really gets that cold in Rotorua for more than a few weeks a year.
So the big shock is we have decided that when I leave on 9th September for Kathryn's wedding I will not return to Dubai.

So only 10 days to get myself sorted and packed last minute shopping, how many trips to Satwa can I get in for more fabric. Will the packers have a container large enough I wonder for the fabric?

Eric will remain to get packers etc. Now this is a first, I am the one who normally stays to pack up and Eric heads out to pastures new this will be a new experience for him. So I will have to go through the apartment and organise what is thrown away what can be given away and what goes back to NZ.

I will miss the Dubai Quilting Guild very much such a lovely group and so active. Sorry to say they will need a new secretary .
I was also booked in to give a class on "stumpwork" in a group we call Beyond the Guild, shame as I have it all sorted and samples made etc. also kits organised and made up. After I organised last years Block of the month with embroidered blocks many ladies have become interested in embroidery so I have been helping quite a few increase their repitiore of stitches.

So that is it I am retired for real no more living overseas, Eric, well he will never really retire, he is going to help companies here in Dubai travelling here 3/4 times a year and continue running his company in China, I may just have to tag along on ocassions when he returns here if not for anything else it will be for the fabric and catch up with folks in Dubai .. so at least a once a year trip is called for.


marianne said...

We will miss you in the Guild, but hope to see you in Dubai buying fabrics and catching up. Enjoy NZ and family, love Marianne

Ali Honey said...

Oh my goodness. You will have a few busy days ahead. I hope it all goes smoothly.
The weather this week has finally improved. Today we worked under a brilliant cloudless blue sky.
NZ awaits!