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Monday, 1 September 2008

Packing the fabric and my thoughts

Today I started sorting and packing the fabric,

I purchased 3 of the largest plastic containers with lids and filled them no problem, all the fat quarters are now neatly in 10 large shoe boxes, I have sealed them all and written on the outside what is in which box.
I have cleared my desk and thrown away oddles of stuff.
Why do we keep this junk, adverts for a shop we will never visit, a credit card receipt just in case of what ? A ziplock bag to good to throw away, a 25% off voucher on some thing you have never bought in your life and are not likely to if you are honest.
So talking about throwing things away
Mind you moving around a lot helps you to clean out every so often so we do not have a lot of stored and not used stuff. Although if you talk to the Wage Earner of this household he will say differently
Paper is the amazing thing I am sure it grows over night, just like wire coat hangers used to reproduce in your wardrobe, I am so pleased the drycleaners have gone over to plastic ones at least they don't tangle up with each other.
But those wire ones were so useful...
We once used one as a ariel for the TV and also for the car radio, you could clean the drain in the kitchen sink with one after you have clogged it up with coffee grains or the like.
A straightened one would make a good hook and rod to get things out from beside a cupboard that you had dropped down the side.
They would bend into all shapes, the best one was an Advent Calander made by Blue Peter on childrens TV ...whee that must have been some time back, you made a diamond shape from 2 hangers and interlocked them, covered it in green tinsel and attached candles to the four corners and hung it up.
I remember my Mother having a hissy fit as the candle wax would drop off on to the carpet, it never did seem to last the four weeks it was suppose to, I think she hid it or some such.
They were good as plant supports, we also used to hang bird cakes from them in a tree to watch the blue tits at their antics.
I bet some one out there has an ingenious use for them?

So what about plastic bags, to good to throw away, you don't want to fill the land sites with them, so you collect them, keep them in one of those long fabric plastic bag holders, when that is full you store the rest in ....yes ..... you have guessed it a plastic bag.
Flower pots are another, the pile in our shed in NZ just seems to grow why do we each year plant the bedding plants and put the pots in the shed? We always buy our plants a fresh each year, never sow seeds in the pots, just curse when the pile falls over when you hit it with the mower or when lifting a rake from the rack on the wall you catch the edge of the pile and over they go. They also make good homes for all the beetles and spiders, may be we would have less in the shed if we got shot of the pots.

Biro pens are another, they dry up and sometimes go blotchy on you...why don't we just drop them in the bin...instead of getting annoyed every time we pick up the blotchy one or the dried up one out of the pen holder and just drop it back in again while looking for another that will write..
These are the things of life that really make me wonder at times but I am as guilty as the next on all accounts.

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