Grandma and her boys

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Grandma in Charge

Good day to you all from Hamilton New Zealand.

The wedding is over and Kathryn and Steve have flown to Tahiti for their honeymoon, leaving Grandma in charge of Ben 5 and Alex 3 for a whole 8 days.

Now these two know every thing and will keep me on the straight and narrow, toast has to be buttered in a particular way, " Mummy does not do that" has been quoted to me a few times already. Or " hey! that is Alex's not mine" or " Mummy and Daddy let me do that" and guess what, I know full well they do not.

The first morning , one to school and the other to Kindy... easy enough yeah! from getting out of bed, breakfast, washed dressed and lunch packed and out of the door to the car, 1hr 30 mins, not bad for a first timer, tomorrow will be faster.

New Zealand is just great, been raining a deal but now it seems to have broken and spring is in full force, warm days but still very cool nights. have not lifted a needle since my return and I am getting withdraw symptoms, what with school run twice a day and meals the time seems to fly by.

The laundry for 2 small ones is amazing ...I had forgotten how much they make.
The early mornings are a killer on average 6am. Raring to go with a book at the ready or may be two..
I am going into hibernation next week all by myself to recoup !! and to do some stitching.

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