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Friday, 26 September 2008

Hair Cut

For all of my readers who have been with me long enough to have read about the traumas of haircuts in Dubai... I am now fully relaxed and enjoying a trip to the hairdressers again

By the way this is not me in the photo...if only !!!

My Daughter booked me in for a hair trim the week before the wedding, a lovely lady named Pip gave me a trim just as I asked for ...oh ! the pleasure to feel so relaxed knowing that she has understood what I was requesting.
I have been so pleased that I booked another appointment yesterday, and they have restyled my hair, well ! not exactly restyled but cut it shorter so as I may now grow it back into shape and all one length so I will look and feel a little better.

This hairdressers is one and half hours away from our home in Rotorua but I have decided I will make the trip each month to Hamilton to get it trimmed, and visit Kathryn and family.

A girls hairdresser is so important don't you think.... so God Bless all the hairdressers in New Zealand. Especially Pip and Sarah of Hamilton.

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