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Friday, 3 October 2008

Grandma in Charge .. A Copy Cat saga.

My duties have finished in Hamilton we all survived, me and the boys, we had our differences of opinion but worked it out, I really stuck out on the things I knew they were not supposed to do, but they were very good I never saw a tantrum, we never cried if we needed/ wanted something if we did we were asked to go away and stop crying then come back and tell Grandma what it was you wanted so she can worked.

The amazing bit of the week was the "copy cat syndrome" Alex 3 being the smaller copies everything Ben 5 does, even to what he says. Some times this really makes you want to laugh but of course you have to be serious on ocassions, one such was at dinner one evening

Ben didn't like the way the chicken had been cut up, I cut it into strips for Sweet and sour Chicken, seems Mummy cuts it into cubes, so the discussion continued and Ben decided he didn't like chicken like this and put down his fork....Yeap, you guessed at the other end of the table down went the fork " I don't like Chicken any more" Ben then discussed the rice he told me he didn't like "bitty rice" now I can only guess after asking him what he meant that he means fried rice, so after ensuring him that this was boiled rice he decided this also was not to his taste... yeap at the other end Alex pipes up" I don't like rice any more"

So after more discussions and decisions they leave the table, "nothing else" Grandma reminds them, about an hour later "what about some cereal "Ben requests..."Cereal " requests Alex "no! sorry no can do" was the reply, next came " How about some fruit" negitive answer is the reply. " But, if you are hungry I can warm the chicken and rice" I guess the hunger had reached Ben for he said "Okay" two seconds later "Okay " say Alex and they both cleared their plates.

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