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Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Ramadam has Started

As we live in a Muslim Country and have spent many Ramadams in various countries, I decided to write on the subject.
Ramadam has never caused us any great difficulties, of course we have to observe the good manners of not eating and drinking in public, Children , elderly, the sick and travellers can eat and drink but you still need to be discrete about it.

So yesterday 1st September was the first day of Ramadam....

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Muslim calendar. During the month, Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset. In the evening and in the morning before the sun comes up, they eat small meals. During this month, they take extra time for family, inner reflection, and spiritual growth.

The working day is shortened and offices start a little later 9am in stead of 8am and finish normally by 2pm, thus giving people time to pray and rest as they obviously have very low energy levels during fasting.
The fast is broken after sunset with Dates and dried fruits and juice, then it is a family time and many family get togethers are arranged and some families have parties, enorouse amounts of food normally special dishes are cooked at this time. Most hotels run a special cafe where the Ifta buffet( as it is called ) is served at 6.30 - 7pm, this is open to anyone.

During the Ramadam period they actually do good deeds during this reflecting time :

From yesterdays news...........

700 prisoners win Ramadan pardon

: granted by UAE President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan. Seven hundred Emirati and expat prisoners will be released and granted executive pardon from prisons across the UAE to mark the holy month of Ramadan, it was reported on Wednesday. President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan has also instructed the settlement of the prisoners’ debts, Muslim countries around the world pardon thousands of prisoners jailed for minor crimes during the holy month.
It is not yet known if the British DJ, Grooverider, was one of the pardoned prisoners. The DJ, who was sentenced to four years in prison after he was caught at Dubai International Airport with a small amount of cannabis, was hoping to be released after it was revealed his name was on a list of possible pardons to be dealt with during Ramadan.

Pardons during the holy month are granted on humanitarian reasons. Other factors taken into consideration include the nature of the crime, the length of sentence, good behaviour and how much of the jail term has been served. Last year Sheikh Khalifa granted an executive pardon to 808 prisoners and settled prisoners’ debts worth $930,000.


Some coutries are strict on the eating in public and you can be fined, but thid differs from country to country...Dubai is on the stricter side.

So I guess this is my last Ramadam .. in a way I will miss it, it will be like finishing a book that has taken you a long time to read, and it is no longer there on your sidetable.

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