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Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Ode to Laurie

Yesterday a friend left Dubai, we have not know each other long he ran with Eric on Hash just since April this year, we went out to dinner last night with him and took him to the airport at 10.30pm ready for his flight to London

and while we were at dinner he gave me a card and on it was written the following....

Ode to Laurie
So tonight an occasion well what could it be?
The farewells of Laurie and Leeky Willie.
I am off to Blighty for one week , back September 9
By then you'll be down under sipping NZ wine

Lauretta your real name, on your hash name I am not keen
it boarders on a rude word that is coarse and unclean
So as Laurie I've known you from the very first day
Now your leaving I'd like just a few words to say

But we had a contract, far to long trousers they make
you would shorten them beautifully and get paid with a "flake"
We have chatted together, about everything, about life
sharing the stories and sharing the strife!!

So God Bless you Laurie, safe home and go steady
enjoy your house again and go Quilting, think now your are ready
To retire from the sand dunes without any rain
My opinion simply is, Dubai's loss is Rotorua's gain

love Leeky Willie. AKA Steve Williams.

Steve unfortunately has had to go back to UK as his job here did not work out, hopefully he will be back when he gets a new one.
He was a keen Hasher and did not like my hash name " Fruck" .

Each hash name is given for a reason and mine was given many years ago as my nephew could not pronounce "Truck" and it came out as Fruck and after repeating this story I was blessed with the name..... yes it is a little near the mark, but I have got used to it and changing your hash name is a little dicey as the new one could be worse, best to stick to the one you know. You do not choose your name it is bestowed on you at a hash meeting and the crowd have to agree.
Steve also bought some new trousers here and he is not a tall chap so they needed shortening, some how he learnt I could do this and I got the job, and payment was a Cadbury's Flake or two.

His life has been a little topsy turvey in the last year or so, he was going home to UK to try and sort it or close a chapter.... Steve was a bit younger than us and I feel we acted as a confidant , friend and gave him support that he would have got from his parents......Hope it all works out Steve,

Steve is somewhere in the picture of the Toga party at the begining of this blog,, I don't know where.?

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