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Thursday, 4 September 2008

Time is running short

Our time left here in Dubai is begining to run short now, we have had 3 companies so far to give quotes to ship our personal items home.

Amazing how you can almost tell from the attitude of the company representive whether you would like them to do your packing or not.
One such company sent a rep yesterday and we had to repeat so many times what it was we wanted, we need two quotes : one for everything and one for our personal items.
It was a pair that came and the rep was telling the scribe what to write and she was telling him each picture and how many cushions but on other items she was just glancing.. When it came to clothes she did not even look in the wardrobes or drawers there could have been tons of them for all she knew, she did not look in kitchen cupboards either, we had to ask the questions about insurance etc. There was no mention of how the stuff would be sent ship, plane or by camel.
There was no mention of anything regards the packing how long it would take to pack, somehow she did not install at lot of confidence in me or Eric, I am just hoping that their quote is not the good one.

Where as the Chap the day before, now he came in looked about, opened cupboards and wardrobes, walked up to items took a close look, asked sensible questions then took just few minutes and told us we would fit nicely into a 20ft container, explained, with out being asked about the insurance, how long the packing would take, how long the delivery to NZ would be, about customs etc in NZ, and that they would deliver door to door.
Lets hope his quote is the reasonable one, fingers crossed.

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