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Tuesday, 7 October 2008

The conclusion of the "Mystery Suitcase"

The continuing Saga of the Suitcase

I called Jeanie and she had no idea who owned it, But Shirley's sister and her husband had been in Rotorua from Auckland over the weekend so may be they stayed at the house, she would call them and check.
So Monday afternoon she called me with the final installment of the saga.
Yes! The sister had been to see her elderly mother who is in a residential home here in Rotorua bought her out to the house for an hour and she packed her bag and put it in the car before taking Mother back to the home and low and behold her husband forgot to do his, thus it got left in Rotorua as they drove straight back to Auckland from the home.
They asked for me to put the stuff in the wardrobe and they will pick it up next time they pass through.

So quite a tame ending to the mystery after all. But gave us something to talk about for a few hours.

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