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Monday, 6 October 2008

Mystery of the suitcase

This a bit of a saga, and is still continuing.

As mentioned in previous post Shirley has given me use of her house, this is just great and I spent my first night there on Friday, Saturday I took off to Athernree on the coast where Kathryn and Steve have a holiday home to meet up with them for the weekend.

On my return Sunday in the late afternoon I let myself into the house and realised there was articles of clothing around that were not mine. I looked into the spare bedroom and there was a suitcase opened and more gents clothing around, I was a little disturbed by this, wondered what I should do.

So I left and went across the street to my house to ask the family if they had seen anyone around over the weekend, they had not, but they had received a phone call from Jeanie a friend of Shirley's who I also know and is keeping an eye on the house, she was asking why I was in the house, she did not know I had permission to use the house and I rang her putting her in the picture and all was well and would you believe she also has no idea who this suitcase belongs to either, she also had no idea anyone else was to use the house.

I had an invite out in the evening, so went off and returned around 10pm, very warily I opened the door and although there was no one there the suitcase still was and it looked as though no one had been back.

The mind boggles, can you imagine the scene as someone comes into the house late at night frightening the life out of me and them getting a shock at seeing a not so young woman in the spare bed, it would have been awful if one of us had had a heart attack from fright. So I decided it would be better to stay across the street with Iain and Claire.

So far this morning no one has come to the house and no car has been there overnight, so where is this person ? who are they ?and why have they left their processions and not returned. The mystery of the suitcase at No.1 Preston Road continues.......

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Ali Honey said...

What a hoot! I'm eagerly awaiting the next installment. Perhaps they owner leaves things out like that so it just looks like someone is living there and the house is not vacant? ( Didn't you look for a name on something ? )