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Friday, 28 November 2008

Moving or Chaos one or the other

These calves have nothing to do with moving back into my house, but they are in a field just along the street and they don't look fazed at all by the coming and going.
So the container arrived almost on time yesterday... it was taken straight to Iain and Claire's house where it was unloaded with the help of my sister in law Janet and of course Iain ( Claire was working) and the 2 lovely blokes who delivered it.
The delivery men did the bulk of unwrapping the bubble wrap and cardboard from the furniture, then it was left to us to unwrap the small items.. so far there has been nothing serious broken or damaged, just a lampshade that was only made of stiff paper any no great loss.
The furniture looks great in the house and fills it completely, so beds are up and cupboards filled with crockery etc that has come from Dubai.
We spent a few hours moving the stuff that has to come to my house by car, it is now all in the garage just awaiting Iain and Claire to remove all there personal stuff from the house to the new one.
Then the fun begins my end.
While we were busy with the unpacking the fitters arrived at my house to fit 2 new heat pumps so I spent a great deal of time between here and there sorting things them or making sure they were okay.
To top the lot ..... Iain ( a volunteer fireman) got a call out in the middle of all this organised chaos, lucky it was a quicky and he was back in about 45 mins.
So it looks like I will be back at home on Saturday ... gee!! it has been a long time coming. Then may be life can take on some normality, not that I am not grateful to my lovely neigbours and I have enjoyed staying with them ... but it will be fantastic to be HOME.

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