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Friday, 28 November 2008

Decisions oh! they are so hard to make

I had a bit of time this morning so I took a look into one of the boxes containing sewing stuff

My machine and all the thread boxes look intact.

I had forgotten exactly how much Quilting and Embroidery stuff there was. Amazing how things can change in your mind when they are out of sight.

I just can't wait to get everything back into my sewing room, I have been playing with the idea of changing my sewing room... swapping it with the spare bedroom which is larger, but the draw back is it is not a sunny room ...Oh! all these decisions a girl has to make.

Lots of reasons it would be a good move, the cupboard space is larger, it is closer to the living area and kitchen, also the laundry is just opposite so it would mean I would not have to have the iron in the room it would be just a few steps away.

A few draw backs no telephone point in the room, so my computer would not be there, but that is easily dealt with.

The other point is would the spare beds fit into the sewing room, time to measure I think.

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