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Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Christmas Tour

My Daughter Kathryn follows a few blogs, some from all over the globe.

One of these blogs I believe in the USA started a Christmas tour of her decorations each year, Kathryn now follows this trend, so I thought I would share mine with you this year.
So Welcome to my home here in Rotorua New Zealand we live in a Lockwood house this is a house made of pine and it is all interlocked thus the name.
This lends its self very much to Christmas decorating, especially the traditional colours of Red, Green and white

Most of the decorations have a story to them or have been collected on our travels during the last 35 yrs.

This Noel Hardhanger by Emmy Bishop, I embroidered at least 20 yrs ago, it is still my most favourite piece of embroidery I have ever made.
This Crystal Tree is a fairly new piece and was purchased in Bahrain, costing more than I should have been willing to pay, but I fell in love with it, so here it is, amazing really as I am a very traditionalist when it comes to Christmas and this is way out of the square for me.

While living in the USA, I saw someone do this decoration to her lamps and have copied the idea every year since.

Another expensive purchase was these Villeroy Bosh candle sticks but I just love them.

When we were in Spain, in a rented furnished apartment we just did a little decoration on a shoe string budget, as we only had the barest of necessities with us, so I made these small bits and pieces, and they seem to have survived

One purchase I made in Spain was a Nativity

This photo of our tree

for some reason did not transfer to the computer well.

This tree is just half a tree and hangs on the wall, we have had this for a few years now, whoops a few I should say 15 yrs, whee! how time flies by.
At the time we had a small lounge where it was difficult to fit in a tree and this one just served the purpose perfectly and for some reason we still use it.

So from my house to yours I wish you all a very

Merry Christmas and a Healthy New Year


boysmum2 said...

I love the crystal tree. So cool.

boysmum2 said...

Oh yea, the place holding the Christmas Tour is So if you are in the festive mood for an hour or two, then pop on over to her place and catch a link to someone else's and see how they have decorated their homes. There are some awesome decorations out there. definitely gives you inspiration for things to do another year

boysmum2 said...

Oh by the way, I was very naughty and linked you over at the tour site, so you may have a few visitors come knocking, better get the coffee on and the mince pies heating cause I am sure someone will come a viewing soon!

Shannon said...

What a beautiful and cozy home!! Thank you so much for the tour!! I really love the quilt on the sidebar too. Yes, maybe one day for me as well!!

Have a Great Christmas!!


Ali Honey said...

That's just lovely. I really like the crystal tree and the bowl of red baubles.
I haven't had time to do any decorating yet...still time I hope.

Thanks I got your message and have kept your email address and would like to get together at some stage.

Carol said...

I love that on-the-wall tree! What a great space-saver! Thanks so much for sharing your lovely home with us.

Merry Christmas from She Lives!

Lesley said...

You have a beautiful home...the wood paneling is amazing...and shows off your decorations perfectly....I love how you've done it...wonderful job....

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

On quiltingbloggers it said you live in the middle east but I see here you say you have moved to New Zealand - I hope you are settled in and enjoying your new home this Christmas season. I will mark you blog and look at it in the upcoming days, Merry Christmas.