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Friday, 12 December 2008

We are getting there

Yes! we are getting there, the house is beginning to look like our house again we have had a complete spring clean and I really do mean complete.... all cupboards and boxes.

Eric is here with me for a few weeks and we have worked non stop on the clean up and out, we have taken trips to the recycle a few times and moved stuff that has not been moved for years.

A garage sale is looming on the horison.

I have changed the rooms, Eric's old office has now been turned into the spare bedroom and the spare room is now my sewing room...larger and better view from the window more shelf space and larger cupboard.

My old sewing room is now the study.

We have spent a few hours in the garden and it is looking good, but we did make it almost maintenance free a few years ago.

The garage is now a garage and not a general dumping ground for stuff that has no home, or it will be after garage sale.

We have updated the lighting in the kitchen, all ways a job that needed doing and put off as you only think about it when you turn on the lights.

We have had heat pumps put into the living areas, of which we have two. We had a day not long ago when we tried them!! instant heat great.

We have till Christmas as a dead line to organise and finish every thing.

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