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Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Everyone has a book or film

Most people have a book or a film that is their escapism.
I have had 2 books and a film.

The film and one book are one of the same:

Little Women by Lousia May Allcott

I remember reading this way back when I was about 14yrs old and it made an impression that has stayed all my life.

I would dream of being part of a family just like the March's, this ideal family of 4 girls who laughed and lived in almost total harmony. All though of course my ideal family bubble burst as I grew up but my love for this book has stayed with me.

Then years later I saw the 1950's film staring June Allyson and Elizabeth Taylor, I was blown away as they say, it portrayed my family just as I imagined.

I have a very old copy of the film and believe it or not I do not have a copy now of the book, it disintegrated over time, some day I would like to find a lovely bound copy.
This film I can watch any day at anytime, I know it word for word and still cry in the places that call for it. If I am happy or sad this film does it for me.
The very sad part of my dream is that I heard a radio programme on the life of Louisa May Allcock many many years ago and her life was one big drudgery in the civil war in America, a daughter of a school teacher, who would not allow her to go out and work, although she did do hospital work for a time.

Little women was written while she was dreaming of this perfect family and life using her own situation and family as the characters.

My second book is Ring of Bells by Barbara Whitnell, but this is the subject of another story another day.

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