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Thursday, 19 February 2009

AGM Season

This time of year in New Zealand seems to be AGM season.

Most clubs and groups start their year in February running through till November / December as of course December / January are the school summer holidays.

If you look at the local paper you will see dates for this club and that one for their AGM's listed.

My groups are not an exception to this rule.

This picture is of me giving a demonstration on "How to tie a Quilt" in Dubai

Tuesday saw Rainbow Quilters have their AGM ... the year looks exciting with our exhibition in June. Plus some classes booked with tutors.We have also moved to different premises which are so good, we now meet at The Rotorua Bridge Club, it is warm, comfortable, good light and so much room with a lovely kitchen. We have also booked it for 8 Saturdays and Sundays in the year to do project days, 2 of these will be to work on the Raffle Quilt for the exhibition there was talk of doing two quilts, now that is ambitious to say the least.

Wednesday evening saw the AGM of Rotorua Embroidery Guild.
Once again it looks like an interesting year ahead with classes at weekends and some classes taking in 2 weekends, there is the Tui Ridge Retreat weekend held here in Rotorua each year run by the Embroiders Guild of NZ where there will be 4 to 6 Tutors running classes for the weekend, it all takes place at Tui Ridge a residential Camp situated just outside of Rotorua.

We also have an exhibition planned later in the year
The good thing about this years meetings is that neither of the groups have had to put up their fees, although there has been a rise in the class fees which is only expected given the financial climate at present with travelling costs for the Tutors and price rises on fabrics and notions required to do the class.
So it looks like a busy and interesting year for my hobbies.
This next picture is not mine but I do Hardanger work, and just love this picture.

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