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Tuesday, 17 February 2009

What a Fun Weekend

Oh! what a weekend hopefully never to be repeated.
The story starts last Thursday week, when I went to the Doctors with a bit of an infection.
The Doctor sent away a sample and back came the histology report to say I need this particular antibiotic for this bug that I had contracted.
Now my body does not tolerate antibiotics well I have a list of them that I should not take, but this bug is only destroyed by 3 known anti bugs. ( now anti bugs are what our family call antibiotics just a pet name) this one I had never taken before so did not know if I could tolerate it, but willing to try.

So off I trot to the pharmacy and am giving the instructions for taking the pills, must be taken with food this is important 4 times a day for 5 days, yeah "easy "say I .
So I took the pills for 2 days starting on Wednesday evening and although I felt a little " like I was taking something my body did not like " I continued to pop the pills. each pill making me more unsettled inside.
Until Friday night at 2.45am I awoke feeling terrible I had chest pains, palpitations my hands were numb and my mouth and throat so dry I could not speak, I was literally seeing stars, guess what! I panicked.
After a few moments I realised there was something serious going on here, and called my neighbours, who appeared at the door in no time at all and before I knew anything else I was being bundled into an Ambulance and on the way to hospital......I really thought I was going to die. I have never felt any thing so bad.

As soon as I arrived at the Hospital they said "yes reaction to Antibiotic" they wired me up to all sorts of machines for a few hours, but then pronounced me okay, as time went on obviously the drug got weaker in the body. I finally got home on Saturday feeling like someone had taken the stuffing out of me, and it has taken 3 days for me to feel anywhere normal.

I went back to see the doctor yesterday and she told me to take it very easy for at least 3 /4 days.
So I am sewing, and watching the TV and playing DVD's.
Here is a pincushion I made yesterday, I belong to a couple of groups where we do pincushion swaps so this will go to one of them.


boysmum2 said...

Pin cushion turned out great. Don't like the thing in the middle but the colours are nice!

Anonymous said...

That seems so scary! Glad to hear you are ok!

Ali Honey said...

That wasn't a pleasant experience at all! Did it kick the original infection? Or was it all in vain?

Please take care of yourself and get well again.

Like the term anti bug.

Thanks for talking to my friend.