Grandma and her boys

Sunday, 8 February 2009


This Waitangi weekend I have spent with Kathryn, Steve and Grandsons Ben and Alex at Athernree Holiday Park and Hot Pools.
It has been a sweltering hot weekend with some of the top temperatures for the season, in fact it was a little to hot to do anything really.
We spent a hour at the sea where the water was warm, then had an ice cream and returned to the Caravan to sit in the shade. It was so hot that no one used the hot pools all weekend.
I am now at home at 8:30pm on Sunday with every door and window open and there is not a breeze to be had, I think sleep may be off the cards tonight.

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Ali Honey said...

Oh you should have popped up my road for a cold drink on your way home.

We musn't complain about the heat when we see what is happening in Oz.How horrifying.Arson is suspected in some cases....wonder how the arsonist feels now with all that loss of life?