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Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Broadband touble

Now the main provider of telephone and broadband is Telecom NZ

Over the last few years Vodaphone and a few others have been allowed to offer connections but Telecom still have the monopoly.They are the typical provider who have had no competition to speak of and rest on their laurels.

I have had to ring them I do not know how many times with regards our broadband which has got so slow that dial-up would be quicker. Each time they reboot our connection and it works for a few days.

They called me on Wednesday last week to see if we were pleased with our you can imagine my response...!!!**!**

The following is a script of part of our conversation

Them. Would I like to subscribe to a new package...

Me. "No" was my firm reply.

Them. Never mind we would like to offer you a new modem with all the bells and whistles including wireless... Which should work like magic, quicker and the most up to date technology

Me. "Oh ! yes at what cost?"

Them . "Oh! no cost what so ever".

Me. "Pull the other one it has bells on.........okay I continue give me the details"

Them . "Well! no actual cost that is, we just need you to contract to Telecom for 24 months."

Me. "Okay give me 20 good reasons why I should stay with Telecom"

But to cut a long story short they could really give me none....

So I said..... yes in the end as we needed it desperately and they sent me a new modem.

Now the fun begins first of all no instructions on how to set it up, nothing on how to setup the wireless connections.

So I call the help line where I am sorry to have to say I was answered by a lad who did not speak English or no English I could understand, and after 2 hours on the phone in which time the lad repeated every thing at least 3 times if not more before I could get the gist of what he was talking about I finally said " how about if I try and do this alone and call you back if I hit a snag. " Which is what I finally did and managed to work most of it out for myself.

So please will someone explain to me why such companies use almost non English speakers to man a help line, when our basic language is English.

I did call Telecom and they said "he would have passed the language tests when he applied for the job" ... and there endeth the Story.

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Ali Honey said...

We had similar troubles before we changed to broad band a couple of years ago. The language thing is quite quite ridculous - been there done that....and they are planning to send even more jobs off shore!
I am sure they manipulate things to persuade people to change.....if you know what I mean.