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Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Hello I am Back

Good day to you all
It seems ages since my last post in fact it was 16th March, so was ages ago.
Lots of things have happened since then.
Eric has had his radical removal of the prostate op..... for prostate cancer, we spent 4 days in Braemar Hospital in Hamilton where they looked after him , also me very well, thanks to all the lovely nurses there , especially Anne and Kristy who were Eric's personal ones for his time there.

Now we are home and it is recovery time, pain killers and "wee bags" are the order of the day but we are experts at it now.
The " frustrated nurse " in me has been fulfilled I have to give Eric an injection every morning to stop DVT's forming, he says mine are more gentle and not so painful as the nurses at the Clinic, they also left bruises ... none of mine have bruised.
So I am hiring myself out, injections needed ! just call me.
Our thanks go to Kathryn she stayed with me all the time while waiting during the op.
I must tell you about a lovely conversation Eric had with grandson Ben 51/2 when he visited him in the hospital, Ben he is a little worrier but is fine if he knows what is what... it goes as follows :

Ben " grandad why have you got that bag on your leg full of wee."
Grandad " Because my willy is not working properly"
Ben " Where does that tube go"
Grandad "inside my willy to bring the wee out"
Ben " does it hurt"
Grandad " No"
Ben " That's good then"
from then on Ben was watching bag to see if it needed emptying and when it had some in he wanted to help empty it. Kids are amazingly resilient and accept the truth so easily.

We have to return to see the surgeon in Hamilton next Tuesday for results of histology.

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