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Monday, 16 March 2009

Time has gone by so quickly

Well ! life has been a little hectic in the last week or so and Blogging has been on the back burner so to speak.

10 days now since Eric arrived home from China, he has finished the first part of his treatment and time to see the Specialist again, but he decided to see another Specialist for a second opinion, nothing has changed with his health, but he has more confidence in the new guy.

After lots of talking on Glen's side ( the specialist), Eric has now been convinced in his own mind to take the operation instead of Brachy therapy... lots of the outcomes are much the same but feels the op is the way to go.

The decision was thrown I believe, when he asked Glen which way he would go ?

"The Op if I was in your place" he said I think that was it for Eric, there were lots of doubts on each option open to him, I think also it was when Eric saw his hand was steady when writing that gave him confidence to go with Glen , the other chaps hand control was very dodgy indeed, and the thought of him operating on him was a no, no.

So it is all fixed for the 24th March in Hamilton.

Now Kathryn has worked at this Private Hospital so she is making sure her Dad gets the best room and all the trimmings, she says this is one time she can use all her training and influence to help her own.

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