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Friday, 17 April 2009

A Bit of a Catch- up Posting

Finally I have found time to get to the blog and update it.
Life has been hectic for the Breadmore's over the last week or so.

Eric, he is progressing well, doing the exercises and re-couping well, of course not fast enough for him as you can imagine. He is being really good and not lifting any thing heavy, he has to return to the Surgeon in about 5 weeks till then he has to take things slowly and carefully.
He has returned to work for about 4 hours a day or until he gets uncomfortable, he has rented a space in a friends office building where they have spare desk space. This way he does not get disturbed and gives both himself and me a break from each other.
I had my 65th Birthday Bash on April 5th, we had a "Pot Luck Lunch" to which we invited about 36 people, I believe 30 came, we had some great food, and the company was great , there was very little food left overs, the sun shone all day and we were outside the whole time... so the house stayed perfectly clean and tidy also.
Thanks to everyone who came and bought the delightful food. I asked for no pressies and almost everyone honoured my wishes...Thank you your company was all I wanted.
This week unfortunately due to the recession our son Iain was made redundant, hopefully something will come along, he has a great work ethic and is willing to do almost anything, a few openings have been mentioned to us for some part time work to help in the meantime.
The downside is rather more important as he has only been in NZ for 18 months and you have to be here 2 yrs before you are eligible for benefits, so looks like it will be down to family to see them through till something comes along.

On a happier note we spent a day with Kathryn and the children at their caravan and took along the other 2 grandkids with us ... they all enjoyed their selves and while there Ben ( Kathryn's eldest) wanted to ride his bike with no stablisers on, so with Grandads help he achieved it, and with Grandma's help he learnt to push off from the ground, he was still wobbly when we left in the evening but I bet he is stable by now.. Well done Ben !
Last Saturday morning our street decided to have a grand Garage Sale, so each house displayed their wares on their lawn and along came the public, we shifted so much of our unneeded items and made about 120 dollars in the process, may be we need to do this annually to save the garage getting full of items that no one really needs but to good to dump.
"What is one mans trash is anothers treasure."

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Gerry said...

Hi Laurie,

Thank you for your great blog. I have been reading it for quite some time now but never posted.
I am Dutch, bord April 2nd 1946 and a quilter too. I don't have a blog, yet. Maybe one day I will fine the courage to start my own blog.
I wish you and your husband all the best.
Warm regards from the Netherlands,