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Monday, 20 April 2009

Quilt Shop shopping and friends

On Friday I met with Alison from TePuna who I met via Blogging while I was living in Dubai and found out she lived just 1 hour away from us at home.
We met in Ngongotaha where I live just outside of Rotorua, we had morning tea .... Alison had a gift voucher from her son for Christmas and decided she needed to spend it, living and working on the fruit farm does no it give her a lot of time for shopping.
After our morning tea we went across the street to Cottage Flair where Alison spent a while trying to spend her voucher, then we headed off to Spolight, where we both managed to shift a few more dollars, then a bite to eat and we had passed quite a few hours and it was time for Alison to head home.
it was a great day and I had as much fun spending Alisons gift voucher as she did.

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