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Monday, 20 April 2009

Walking and shopping

On Saturday Eric and I decided to drive to Ohope Beach and take a walk, this was rather a adventurous thing to do as Eric has not been walking since the op.
It was a lovely drive (about an hour from here) we saw all the changing colours of the trees (it really is a beautiful autumn here this year) and all the lakes. We arrived at the new Whakatane Shopping centre where we stopped for a drink and something to eat at the Coffee Shop, we both tried a mint and lamb pie, I am not fond of pies but this one was delicious and we recommend it. There was quite a few Big Box shops there and we had a look around a very nice Farmers store and Eric bought a new fleece vest ( body warmer to those in the northern hemisphere).
We then drove over the hill to Ohope and walked along the beach we actually didn't go to far as Eric was getting rather tired by that point, but he did manage a passion fruit ice cream that was enormous, I had a custard slice this is one of my favorites but this actual one I could not recommend, I have had better.
Then it was off to the good old Warehouse to get some skivvies ready for the winter. ( turtle necked longsleeved teeshirts to wear under body warmers and sweaters) this really is about all we need here for the winter. I don't think either of us has worn a winter coat or jacket since arriving here almost 8 yrs ago.
It was a good first day trip out for Eric, who is getting stronger and feeling better every day.

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