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Thursday, 23 April 2009

Rotorua Embroidery Guild

In the past I have talked a lot about Quilting and very little about my embroidery.
I have been a member of an Embroidery Guild for more years than I can say, and for almost 8 yrs now Rotorua Embroidery Guild which of course is a branch of New Zealand Embroidery Guild.We meet on a Wednesday from 9.30am through to 9.30pm a long day one may say but no one actually goes all day.
Most people go to a session either morning or afternoon or evening, the evening session is mainly made up of ladies who work, the mornings are the main session when there can be 30 to 40 ladies and afternoon which just continues on from the morning session sees about 15 ladies most weeks.
We do all manner of embroidery and the Guild run classes with tutors from all over NZ.

I like to do various styles of embroidery, I really don't have a firm favourite, but do adore Hardanger which is a counted thread style from Norway, we have a class booked in the not to distant future to do these hanging cones with tassles. There are so neat and they are about 12 cms long, not sure what use they are but I think they are just lovely.

I like to do all sorts of things but lately I seem to have a passion for pincushions and needle cases the photo is just a small sample of my collection.

Another favourite is Jacobean,

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