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Monday, 27 April 2009

Free / cheap Phonecalls

I am sure everyone like us is looking for cheaper phone calls.
The package we have our mobiles on gives us free calls etc
to one designated number of our choice, we actually have
2 mobiles on the same package which gives us 2 free "Best Mates"
as they call it on Vodaphone, plus one other at $4 a month.
Eric has mine and Iain's number and I have Kathryn's number
so we can call each other and Kathryn and Iain
from one or the other of our mobiles, which covers most of
our long calls. Just takes a little thinking about.
As we are now in the ranks of the Superannuated
we have to practice "economy" and all that.
We would much rather spend on the things we want to do,
than give it to Vodaphone who are making billions as it is.

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