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Monday, 27 April 2009

List Day

Yesterday was a "List Day" you know the one where you sit
over breakfast and say" What is on the to do List ?"
Well ! we went through our list and added
and crossed off a few things.
One of the "Done jobs! " Heat Inverters fitted and they are now
all installed and working great, instant heat.
Next job to get done is to get the wood burning stove
taken out of the lounge. I called the Service People this morning
and they will send someone to give us a quote in next day or so
This is going to give us so much more room
and scope to re arrange the furniture, with the fire in situ it
restricts where you can place anything due to the fire
being very hot and it is also by a door, I am sure
not a lot of thought went into the placement of it
when it was installed 20 yrs ago.
Our aim is to move the TV to a different part of the room,
this will then leave a blank wall. Once we move the seating
around it may even mean we need a few extra pieces of furniture,
rephrase that, we will need new pieces of furniture..

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