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Monday, 27 April 2009

Through the post

A short while ago the post man knocked with a small parcel, I was not expecting anything so a nice surprise.
Inside was the cutest "cupcake " pincushion, nestled in it's own hand made box.
This was sent by my daughter Kathryn, she follows the blog of someone who makes these.
So she ordered one and had it sent to me, as she knew I would love it.

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Linda said...

I happened onto your blog and became interested not only in your quilting, etc. but in your husband's situation. My husband was just diagnosed with PC too. Unfortunately his prostate has perforated and spread to his bones. He is having a surgery on Thursday. It is done as an outpatient and not nearly as involved as the one your husband experienced. This surgery is called an orchiectomy. The type your husband had is not an option for mine since it has perforated. The next few months will be intense. Would like to chat with you. Thanks for the info. Linda