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Thursday, 21 May 2009

Brr on the cold side

Looking over the lake towards Mt Tarawera with a snow cap
Rotorua awoke today to rather cold temperatures and a dusting of snow,
now this does not happen very often in fact is extremely unusual,
but a cold front came in with the southerly winds
and the country from here down has had a large snow fall.
This is only the second time since we have been living here that this has happened
As you can imagine it causes chaos when this happens for we are not equipped for snow like the Northern hemisphere countries are ......especially here on the North Island, South Island expect it so deal with it fast, here on the North Island the first thing they do is close the State Highways especially the Desert Road a couple of hours south from us. As you can see from this picture it does not take much snow to close the road.

Today a truck on Desert Road with cows looking out over the top at the snow

Watching the weather forecast today they described the isobars over NZ on the weather map as an "egg beater" very techncal indeed what !!

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