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Monday, 25 May 2009

There it is "gone"

During this last week our lounge has taken on a new look.
Finally Mana the Chimney man ( a lovely gentle Maori chap)
found a dry day in which to remove our fire and chimney
and pop on a new roof panel. It was amazing he and his wife
who is also a little Maori lady and his workmate
removed all the chimney downwards into the lounge
and we never had a spot of soot on the white carpet,
they then removed the fire itself with her doing a large
amount of heavy lifting, she may
have been little but gee was she strong.
The hearth came up in one piece with the help of a crowbar,
and there it was all gone. The space it has created is also amazing.
So we have moved the furniture and we have a new look room.
We just have to buy new units for the wall where the fire stood,
we have seen some but are still thinking about them.
The TV has now gone to the other side of the room
and we needed a new TV stand.
We went shopping and after a some of hours
and a few furniture shops
we found nothing that would do, on returning home
and giving it thought we decided
to utilise a piece of the furniture that was going to be obsolete.
So Eric measured and decided to combine a drop down cabinet
and a small drawer unit making a new plinth for them to stand on
and by 7pm last night we had the new TV stand.
It is so great to have a husband who is handy and loves working with wood.

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