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Thursday, 14 May 2009

Enjoyable but hectic few days

Saturday saw us at our Niece's engagement lunch, just a small affair for older members of the family, a party was also organised for the friends and younger relations in the evening with a theme of "under the water" so everyone would be wearing fancy dress and it was also a sleep over, now a few years ago this would have been our scene but now...No! don't think so.
Steve came along with Ben and Alex as Kathryn was working, and this is a shot of Alex holding Grandads beer, he looks as though he is a seasoned drinker but I think the chocolate cake gives his age away.

After leaving the lunch we called into the Danske Moblier shop to look at furniture, we saw some great pieces, for when the fire gets taken out ( still awaiting a good day so the men can get on the roof to remove the chimney) we will have space for new furniture, we are trying to decide what we would like, may be a "Welsh Dresser "as we would call it, would be nice, (a hutch to Kiwi's )this is one we really liked at the showroom, but until we see the space we have it is just looking at present.

From Hamilton we took off for Auckland, where we stayed in a motel over night ready to take off to Brisbane Australia next day. Eric was there for a little work and also a break after a bit of a trying few weeks health wise. While he was working I did the tourist bit, but before the real sightseeing I took off to a quilt shop The Patchwork Tree in Alderly

a great little shop housed in a turn of the century house, they stocked most things but definitely was into Moda fabrics from USA, I did not really see anything that we can not get here, may be a few different fabrics, so I just spent a while there and came away with a Moda charm pack .

"Flag Day Farm"

I managed a little retail therapy and stopped at a beautiful tearooms
Keri Craig's in the Brisbane Arcade, it was so lovely, the theme was "feminine" every thing was covered in flowers and roses mainly, the china was white and good quality. The prices matched the decor but even so we had tea there, a real "treat Place" only a now and again visit would be on the cards.
We then took a trip on the river and saw Bribane from the boat very interesting and gave you a different view.
We were wined and dined by the company Eric had been to see, on 2 evenings.
Then all to fast came Wednesday and this saw us back on the plane heading home.
So a very hectic 5 days in all but most enjoyable.

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